DEWALT DC720KA 18-Volt Review

The Dewalt DC720KA 18-volt cordless drill is a compact and lightweight drill that provides high speed but comes with average batteries. Althgough not the lightest drill in the market, with only 4.8lbs the DC720KA ranks well when it comes to design. It is also very easy to use, offering an ergonomic grip that provides comfort, maneuverability, and versatility: our field tests have show that this drill, as compared to similar ones, reduces user’s tension and fatigue. In addition, the Dewalt DC720KA is powerful, it comes with an 18-volt battery and a motor that is able to deliver a maximum power of 410-watts. It is also equipped with a dual speed range, going as high as 1700 RPM (0 to 500 rpm/0 to 1700 rpm), providing enhanced control for different drilling and driving situations.

We have also noted that tje DC720KA comes with a keyless chuck type (1/2-inch) that reduces bit slippage from the user’s hands while working; and that it is fitted with a useful LED light especially in narrow, tight or dark spaces.

Below are some of the advantages of the Dewalt DC720KA:

  • Compact and lightweight (4.8 lbs)
  • Comfortable, ergonomic, and versatile
  • Can reach a relatively high speed (1700 rpm)
  • Has a keyless chuck that reduce bit slippage
  • Equipped with an LED light

On the other hand, the batteries of the DEWALT DC720KA Cordless 18-Volt do not hold much charge, or will stop holding charge after a certain time. Our tests show that the batteries will have to be replaced frequently for medium and high intensity jobs.

This problem is due to the use of the Ni-Cad type batteries which are known to be less effective in comparison with  the Li-Ion batteries that offer a better performance.

To compensate for this problem, the DC720KA is shipped with 2 batteries.

You can read a full description of this product here.

Who should buy the Dewalt DC720KA?

This drill is compact and lightweight and can be used by men and women likewise, it offers a great performance and versatility, and it is perfect for DIY or small projects.

We believe that this drill will be less effective when it comes to working on big projects, although it can reach high speeds, its max torque is still relatively low.

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DEWALT DC720KA 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit

Images and Technical specifications

dc720ka_1 dc720ka_2
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The technical specifications of the Dewalt DC720KA are summarized in the table below:


Battery Voltage 18 volts
Weight 4.8 LBS
Speed 0-500 RPM / 0-1700 RPM
Max Power 410 W
Drill Chuck Plastic, Ratcheting 1/2″
Batt Type 18-v 4GA70 nickel-cadmium (NiCAD)
Batt Capacity 1.8A/hour
Work Light LED
Tool Warranty 3 Years

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The DEWALT DC720KA is sold with the following:

  • The cordless drill
  • Two 18-volt Ni-Cad batteries
  • A charger
  • A sturdy kit bo


As with all Dewalt tools, you don’t have to worry about the warranty. The DC720KA comes with a 3 year limited warranty, a 90 day money back guarantee, along with a 1 year free service contract.

Learn more about the warranty here.

What people who bought the Dewalt DC720KA have said

We have also gathered for you what other people who bought/used the Dewalt DC720KA cordless drill have said about it.

By Rusty Elam 
“This drill is exactly what I was looking for, small, relatively light, and has lots of power. The light onthe front is a great feature and the one handed chuck is great. It also uses my 18v XBR batteries as well…a nice feature if you are going to take it out somewhere.”

By Flow Jockey 
“Clutch for high/low speed not quite right. Unfortunately I noticed after I’d used it quite a bit, so no go on a return. Surprising from DeWalt.”

By C. Palma
“Had this drill for a year and a half now no problems and it has worked great. Battery lasts a through a decent amount of work and charges back up quick. The LED light is helpful is low light situations.”

By G. Jacobsen 
“While I’m not a tradesman, I do a lot os DIY rojects and the old cordless was dying, so I baought this unit. It came with two batteries, which meant aI didn’t have to buy the second right away. It’s more versatile than the old one, especially because it’s a ½-inch drill, so I can use the larger bits I couldn’t on the old unit. The other advantage with this drill is the size: I can get at things in tighter quarters (like in shelf spaces) to drill and drive screws. Just couldn’t do that with the bigger or corded drills.”

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Final Opinion and Rating

The DEWALT DC720KA Cordless 18-Volt is a compact lightweight drill that offers versatility in a small package. Except for the batteries (the Ni-Cad batteies) which do not hold much charge, this drill is still great to use for DIY or small projects and offers an overall good performance.

Our rating is 4.0 stars. (See how it ranks with other drills: full rating chart)


Best price of the Dewalt DC720KA Cordless Drill

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