Black & Decker LDX220SB 20-Volt Review

The Black & Decker LDX220SB cordless drill is a small and light weight yet very powerful drill. It is among the few drills that come with a 20 volt battery that lasts up to five times longer than its competitors. The LDX220 is best known for its ergonomic and simple design which provides a firm and comfortable grip.

One of the key advantages of this Black & Decker tool is battery longevity.  By charging it 7 to 8 hours according to the instruction, the drill will last for a long time, and for moderate use, you won’t need to charge it twice in a given day. It can be used on all surfaces and on all types of screws (from one inch and a half to four inch screws and more), you can also used it on softwood, as easy as it can be used on greenwood.

Below are some of the benefits of the B&D LDX220SB:

  • Long battery life (can hold a charge up to 18 months)
  • Ergonomic design & ease of use
  • LED Light- Great for dark or enclosed areas
  • Lithium-ion batteries – Provide up to 50% more runtime
  • Good return on investment (price under $80)

On the other hand, actual buyers of this Bosch tool have reported some disadvantages worth noting. First of all, the B&D LDX220 has a relatively slow charge time; It takes around 180 minutes to fully charge the battery, although it is slightly more than the average competitor, we believe it’s acceptable. Second, this drill only comes with one battery, so you don’t expect to have a spare battery in case the main one dries up. Finally, we tested this drill on small screws on soft surfaces and found that the drill can sometimes be too powerful for small jobs (even with the low torque setting). Below is a summary of the disadvantages noted on the B&D LDX220SB:

  • A relatively slow (but acceptable) charge time (around 180 minutes).
  • Ships with only 1 battery
  • May not be the perfect fit for light jobs.

You can read a full description of this product here.

Who should buy the Black & Decker LDX220SB?

The B&D LDX220SB cordless drill is very powerful without being too heavy which makes it perfect for professionals and for personal use. As it can hold charge for months, this drill is perfect for fixing things around the house whenever needed without worrying about charging a drill. It is also be suitable for mobile craftsman with a small bag/toolbox, looking for a lightweight but reliable tool.

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Black & Decker LDX220SB 20-Volt Max Lithium Drill/Driver

Images and Technical specifications 


Black & Decker LDX220SB Black & Decker LDX220SB
Black & Decker LDX220SB Black & Decker LDX220SB
Black & Decker LDX220SB Black & Decker LDX220SB


The technical specifications of the Black & Decker LDX220SB are summarized in the table below:


Battery Voltage 20 Volts
Weight 3 LBS
Length 9-1/2″
Torque Not Available
Speed 0-400 RPM / 0-1400 RPM
Drill Chuck 3/8″ metal
Batt Type Lithium-Ion
Work Light 1 LED
Motor type 4-Pole Open Frame
Tool Warranty 2 Years
Batt. Warranty 2 Years

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Power, Torque and Battery life of the B&D LDX220SB

We will now look at the details of this powerful Black & Decker drill. Below is what you must know before buying it.

You would be interested to note that the LDX220SB has two optimized speeds:

  • 400 RPM speed: ideal for applications requiring a high torque and,
  • 1400 RPM speed: ideal for applications requiring high speed

Although those speeds are relatively lower than most Bosch or Dewalt drills, they can be used for almost 90% of drill/screw jobs.

The manufacturer does not provide the maximum torque that this drill can achieve, but from our experience it must be in the range of 400 to  500 inchxpound, which is more than enough for most tasks.

As we said earlier, this drill takes about 180 minutes to charge and can hold charge a LONG time (up to 18 months). The battery life is as good as any comparable cordless drills from other brands,  it gets close to 2.5 hours.


The LDX220SB comes with a 2 year warranty package. The drill can either be returned to the retailer or to a Black & Decker authorized service center.
It is IMPORTANT to note that the warranty does not cover accessories (batteries ARE NOT included).

Learn more about the warranty here.

What people who bought the B&D LDX220SB have said

We have also gathered for you what other people who bought/used this B&D cordless drill have said about it.

By Donovan W. Kozak
“I’m very happy with my Black and Decker 20volt lithium drill. I bought it because my 5yr old craftsman would not hold a charge anymore. It seems sturdy and has plenty of power for my needs. I also like the fact that the battery is supposed to hold a charge for 18 months.”

By Michael Hoak
“This is a great around the house drill. It may not work for heavy duty construction, but for keeping in the garage till you need it, it’s just fine. Nice compact size and plenty of power for my needs. I really like the battery life. This thing can sit around for months and when you pick it up, it’s ready to go.”

By Lawrence Jamerson
“‘I am a moderate power tool user. This is a light drill/driver and is very comfortable to use. The lithium ion battery charge lasts well and can be left on charge. The torque can be adjusted, and there are also 2 gear settings. The LED light has been surprisingly helpful. The chuck on mine seems perfectly aligned and with no noticeable wobble. This was by far the best drill for the price i could find anywhere.”

By Parker
“Since receiving the drill, battery, charger, carrying pouch and extra (bought separate) battery, I have used it several times for various jobs and it has been flawless. Considering I have a total investment of $100, I could buy 3 of the big name (DeWalt, Makita etc.)drills. The only reason I did not rate it a 5 star is due to the fact I haven’t put it through an extended heavy duty test to date. I have previously used DeWalt and Makita in the maintenance field and highly recommend the B&D drill if the money is coming out of your own pocket. I can’t speak for the other manufacturers current products, but the B&D easily stands up to competitors previous models. The problem with the older cordless drills is battery life and relacement cost….at $60-$65 for each replacement battery, (and you need 2) I was better off going with a new drill. What I don’t know at this point is durability over the long haul….time will tell.”

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Final Opinion and Rating

Although this drill is not considered among the best cordless drills currently in the market, it provides in our opinion a great quality for the price paid. It is compact and lightweight, it has a good battery life and has received many good user testimonials.

We recommend this drill mainly for DIY amateurs and as a complementary tool for professionals. It is easy to store and/or transport.

We firmly believe that at the current price, buying this tool is considered a good bargain. 

Our final rating is 4.0 stars.


Best price of the B&D LDX220SB Cordless Drill

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